I am up to my ears in work… the day job’s been keeping me busy, I have work that is due by Monday that I have all prep work ready, I just finished a painting that was due tomorrow morning, and whilst scanning this image, managed to scan some older personal work that I had been meaning to post.  (I put them both up on my website, this is just one).

Oh, also this is the final I did for the Christmas cookie sketch I had posted a while ago… There were some changes that were requested so it is a bit different.  I will post the sketches to the final to show the changes…

To tell you the truth, I still like the first sketch the most… :)

4 thoughts on “More…”

  1. You know..I love your sketches so much, that I thought it was perfect as is. I do, however really love the final piece too! Just wonderful work, Mai. And goodness, your bear is so sweet!!

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