What a Weekend

It is Sunday morning, the dogs have been out, the husband is asleep- soon to be awakened- and I am thinking about this weekend so far.
I met with one of my clients, Safia Guerras, the author of the soon-to-be-released Lou Lou, and she has the most amazing news!  Of course, I can’t share it yet, but what my point is that you never know where talent lies, you never know where one project will take you… and I am really grateful for all the opportunities and all the times I was ever asked to be a part of a project.  These are people’s dreams!  And its really amazing.  All the people involved.. all the hard work… and then of course, all the little readers that will see the story and hopefully love it.
We are all so lucky…whether the stories we work on are small or big.  :)

I am excited for the future!

I also wanted to post this painting I finished a while ago and never got around to putting up.  She’s off for adventure, to places she’s never been before!

Whatever lies ahead, we should take off running!

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