a New Christmas Story…

Here are some select pages from storyboards I did for a new Christmas-themed book I am working on… I had already posted the roughs for one of the pages as well.  I had a lot of fun with these… lots of different scenery and some playful text.  :)  I was debating between illustrating a pug in this book since I had the opportunity to have a dog in the story, but I had to do a Shih tzu because my sister owned one named Otis and I adored him!!  She’s moving so she had to give him away and I wanted to take him, but we can only have two dogs in our apartment.  In any case, he has a good home now, but I think about him a lot.  You can see a picture of him with me, in the background…   Anyway, I hope that I get the “go ahead” soon so I can start painting away!  Hope you all had an awesome weekend… now I can go read more of Catching Fire (the sequel to The Hunger Games)!  PS: the movie is good, too!

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