A Head That Spins

So I had another little spell of “BPVV” on Monday and just started going back to work yesterday… I’m still a bit dizzy, but luckily, knowing what is going on helps keep me calm.  The only problem- being behind in work!
Now that I can sit up and feel more confident I won’t paint sloppy paintings, I can work again… :)
I also realized that IWeb, which is what I use to publish my current website, is going bye-bye end of the month!  So, I’ve bought a new site on WordPress where I plan to migrate my website images– and hopefully some new ones!

Tonight it going to be an early bedtime and then ideally an early rising to get going on all these images that have been spinning in my head- har har.

I’ve been trying Pandora… french cafe music to the Andrews Sisters… it’s been kind of fun.  I can’t quite pin down the type of music I’m looking for… although I think the soundtrack for Amelie (the movie starring Audrey Tautau -sp?) is closer to what I am looking for… or the little tune “La Vie En Rose” from Sabrina ;)

Aw, enough me me me!!!
Good night world… ;)

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