Babies and Bunny Girls!!

Sooooo, I’ve been busy busy busy!

Some new paintings here… I have had these sketches on my site for a long time but I was advised to see them in color and so here they are!  A little changed, a little improved, I think!

I also realized that I have a number of images I should probably add to my Society 6 page too.

Anyway, let me know what you think, if you feel inclined to comment ;)

I’ve been excited to see new episodes of the Walking Dead finally!  Josh and I are also obsessed with Poirot episodes.  At first I was reluctant as I loved Sherlock Holmes so much and thought that Poirot was supposed to be goofy in comparison, but I fell in love with Poirot’s quirky ways and his perfect little mustache.  ;)  So between drawing and working we take some breaks during our dinner hour to watch an episode.

I’ve also noticed this week a nice subtle autumn-ish tinge in the air… which is a huge relief as summer has stuck around much too long.  It’s become somewhat more crisp and the days slightly shorter.  We thought we were going to see the change last week, but then summer came back for the weekend… :P
Although I love the sun and sunny days, I don’t really enjoy heat… so it’s kind of sad because it gets dark sooner but it does cool off and reminds me of Christmas which always makes me happy.  I recall a quote from Anne of Green Gables here:

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers….” ;)

Well said, Anne, well said.

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