French country

One of my loves is home furnishings and decorations.  I really love victorian homes, french country homes, london townhomes, and many others.  So, I decided to use these as themes/starting images for a new series of paintings.  They don’t have stories (yet?) but when I see photos of these interiors I can’t help but add a little character into the picture in my mind.  I think I have this habit almost in any picture :)

So here is a sketch:

I’m really excited because Fall has definitely and finally come to stay here in southern California as well!  As Josh and I drove home to cast our ballots, there was heavy mist and the crisp cool air had that special Holiday quality to it that only happens once a year… ;)  I’ve been waiting for it as Fall is my most favorite time of year.  I really can’t believe that Thanksgiving is this month!!!  Already!!  Many changes are around the corner for me…. Josh is finishing his MFA program, my best friend is having her first baby girl (Paige is her name- same as one of my most favorite illustrators!), and hopefully, a new Rep and a renewed spirit and drive toward getting to be full-time illustrator and part-time ASW employee (instead of the other way around).  There are other things but a little too personal to post about…. but this month has just felt like the culmination of changes to come!  I’m excited and happy and so very grateful for everything I have… :)

I’m not the greatest writer, but oh well… I hope it all makes sense.


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