Let me just say that I am busy!  I wish it were more to do with freelance work, but it isn’t… I’ve blogged before about working on my mom’s house and that is taking much of my time.  However, it’s slowly… very slowly… going to get done and so I also have a strong sense of accomplishment (??).  We have for many years wanted to upgrade and renew my mom’s house… and it is finally being done.  Of course, we are also planning on selling it, too, so it may be a short lived sense of accomplishment, but I think it will still be nice to know that we DID it.  :)
Josh was saying that he thinks people get a different kind of feeling when they do things or create things than when they get the easy way or someone else to do it for them… and its a GOOD kind of different- the kind that makes you feel like you are ALIVE.  :)  I totally agree.  And its not really a pride thing either… more that you are just sort of satisfied more when you do something yourself and make something out of it.
So, that’s good…


BUT, like I said, I’m still really busy!  Since a lot of time is spent working on the house, the free time I do have is spent more cleaning, cooking, and trying to sketch ideas for collectible figurines, a small project for my niece’s school auction, and submissions to publishers/magazines, etc.  I ordered postcards and have a list going but haven’t made the labels or actually sent them yet… I have sketches for my niece and more ideas sketched for the figurines…

So, I hope that this post makes some sense… I am writing it before I have to go to bed.. sigh.

Well, here are the sketches… :)

Mermaids ♥♥

Madeleine Choir School (Utah)- Idea #1 

Madeleine Choir School (Utah) Idea #2

Madeleine Choir School (Utah) Idea #3

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