PreOrdering is Now Available!

You can now preorder the Moon and the Night Sweeper at Amazon, Borders, Barnes and Noble, and of course, Red Cygnet. Just key word search with mai s kemble and it should come up.
Thank you for any support!!
And of course, requesting it at bookstores or writing reviews or comments help a lot. :)

About maiskemble

I am a published author/illustrator of children's books. I live and work in Long Beach, CA with my husband, comic book artist/t-shirt designer, Joshua Kemble.


  1. Hi there. I think that piece i have is partly digital.. i have to find the origional drawing now! lol Superstrator@hotmail.comlet me know if you still wanna trade.. do you remeber my show? did you want anything from that? i still have a few left :D

  2. Tell Josh i said hey! lol i saw him today and like a punk didnt say anything.. in my own little world these says :P

  3. Hey Mai!! Long time no see. I thought I’d look your work up. I have some of my first semester art student stuff up (some crazy major-changing going on right now). And also wanted to say hi on behalf of myself and Nicole. Congrats on the book too!

  4. Hi Mai, I’d like to get in touch with you. I have a children’s book written and am looking for an illustrator. I love your work. Please e-mail me at janet.scott@hotmail.comJanet

  5. Hi Mai, I love your work and am looking for a children’s book illustrator. Can you please e-mail me at, Janet

  6. congrats on your book! i love your sketches :)

  7. Hi Mia,I have been trying to reach you via SCBWi but they don}t have a contact phone or e-mail address. My name is paul Kokinakes and I am an art director in Irvine. We are creating a customizable children’s book for California Volunteers and wanted to hire you to illustrate. Call me on my cell or office please. 949-290-5096 cell, 949-809-6760 office.paul

  8. Dear Ms Mai,On Saturday, April 5, 2008 Taft High School will be sponsoring a community wide celebration of reading-Passport to Reading. The committee would like to invite you to participate in this event. Please read the attached letter and registration form.I would be happy to answer any questions.Kathleen SheppardLibrary Media TeacherTaft High School5461 Winnetka AvenueWoodland Hills, CA

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