Chevelle and children’s books…

I don’t know why but I find that listening to Chevelle while I paint helps me keep pace with things… if I paint sometimes I find myself sitting there spacing out…. heh…
Right now I am in the middle of trying to get through a couple pages that sort of look similar which will leave me with a couple more complicated pages… sometimes grouping these together helps me feel like I am closer to being done! HAHA… ah, I love to trick myself.
And then of course, once I am done, I think… “now what? I wanna do more!”

I think maybe there’s a bit of a sicko in all of us, isn’t there?

This band makes me think of .. weird imagery and gets the creative juices flowing though. I think that the anger and frustration and sense of urgency in the music makes me sort of dive into painting. Even though I prefer to paint happy images… :)

Sometimes I forget how much I love music… how much I love painting. It’s weird… I had a long span of time where I could not stand listening to anything while I worked. I also had a long span of time where I would play a movie in the background on repeat… (my two favorites to play were the Burbs and Father of the Bride). I would still do that except that I am sharing space in my sister’s room at the moment and can only access her computer once in a while and both of those movies are VHS… (hehe, that’s right! good ol’ VHS!!!)

Anyway, love Chevelle… miss the ol’ punk days and all the crazy teen angsty feelings… aw… how cute.

Which reminds me of Keegan (like everything does)… as soon as he could walk he would make a little one-man/baby mosh pit in our living room while he listened to Cursive… now what is more cute than that? Did I tell you he can do nun chaku (“nunchucks”) now?

Ok, enough procrastinating… must go paint.

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