A Nice Weekend

Well, this weekend was fantastic!

After plotting out my painting, I went with Josh to spend a work-day with David Chelsea at his home. What a lovely time! David Chelsea has wonderful taste in music and a lovely home… :) His wife Eve is sweet, too! I managed to paint my painting there and also spend some time with some very talented people… it was a blast!

I also managed to get a lot done today (more personal things, like laundry and grocery shopping) but it’s always nice when Monday comes along and you know you accomplished a lot over the weekend. I’m sure when I am able to take on freelancing or children’s books more fulltime, there may not really be a “weekend” per say, but I still enjoy the feeling of it.

In any case, I hope you all like the painting… It’s not perfect, but it was fun to do… and I like these two characters quite a bit. Maybe someday I can get something written for them… who knows! :)

6 thoughts on “A Nice Weekend”

  1. A living, breathing town/street scene–well done! I've always wanted to paint a scene like this but I'm afraid it's one of those subjects I have a hard time with. Did you make up all those buildings or use some references? Wonderful painting!

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