A Painting in Progress…

Well, I was doodling along this night and couldn’t shake how much I enjoyed sketching that bear from my previous post… so I made up this girl and recently read a little from Winnie-the-Pooh and missed that kind of relationship Pooh had with Christopher… from there I started thinking of Toot & Puddle… I wanted to draw something with a child/young adult who has a special friendship. I imagined this little girl, much like Eloise, with too much money, who be-friends this bear that maybe never went to Paris… and so Charlotte should take Rue there and go shopping… and maybe have some adventures?

Anyway, that’s where I am so far…
I am posting the sketches that inspired me and then the drawing so far on the watercolor paper… there’s a lot of work still to do!
But … I am happy to do it!

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