More work!

I’ve been sort of “binge” reading blogs and commenting lately… it seems I can’t keep up!! On nights when I have a bit of time before bed after just posting something I can usually get a couple reads in… :) loving John Shelley’s blog… as well as Amy June Bates!!!  They have the best sketches ever!!  It’s hard to really call them sketches as they seem so well finished!

Anyway, I can’t believe how LONG it took me to finish these three images!! I must have had this project on my plate for at least 2 and a half weeks!!!  (Keep in mind these are not large).  Although, this isn’t the only thing I’ve been working on…

Actually, I’ve been pretty slammed and busy… but with these cleared off my plate, I can maybe get a ahead on the next one that’s due Friday!!

Still waiting to see what will come of some other projects as well.

Got some time in to help my mom paint the master bedroom in her little townhome as well… she’s happier now, which is nice… :)  She’s been wanting to get her home looking nicer… after a wave of animals she rescued to living with a toddler and a bundle of other people, her house was starting to fall apart some.  It’s on its way though!  I pray I can help her out more and more!!

So on a different note, it’s already October!!!  I think we are expecting rain on Wednesday… and it’s getting darker earlier and earlier.  I’m looking forward to the smell of winter in the air.. but not so much the gloomy skies… I got kind of over that in Portland.  :p  However, that does mean that we are that much closer to Christmas!!  ;)

Cheers to work!


4 thoughts on “More work!”

  1. Mai, these are stunning! I really, really love the lady and oh, the details..fantastic in all of them. Can't wait to see more of Fadenrot, and you are SO right..Amy Bates' sketches are amazing..I was so honored to be able to see her in person and she gave the best ever lecture about her process (which was to draw, draw, draw and draw some more). I've taken it to heart ever since..she is really inspiring. I see a lot of great great work here on your blog..congratulations on your multiple projects! It's awesome!! Happy Fall to you!

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